Mobile Patrols

Alarm Response
August 6, 2021
Event Security
August 6, 2021

Mobile patrols are very effective in places where deterrence is required, but full-time security is not a practical or cost-effective option. This may be in parking lots or construction sites such as isolated or unlit parking lots or construction sites, warehouses for storing valuables, vacant property and other safe place. perimeter.
Our mobile patrol and quick response services comply with all relevant industry standards. Our mobile patrol security personnel will arrive at your site in a fully visible and fully equipped security patrol vehicle and conduct scheduled patrols to cover all necessary entrances, surroundings and areas. Security patrols are completed at random time intervals, and the frequency is agreed with the customer to prevent anyone who may be monitoring your property from predicting the patrol time.

All our mobile personnel have obtained SIA licenses and received rapid response training. We have deployed an extremely reliable and fast response team backed by the latest technology and monitoring capabilities.
Together with our clients, we will design a random mobile patrol plan to meet the specific requirements of your site, be it day, night, weekend, or vacation. According to the agreed plan, our mobile officers will conduct a thorough inspection of your building and its surroundings, covering all possible access points and parking areas. Any abnormal findings will be reported to our 24-hour control and customers.

The Safe Mobile Patrol also plays a key role in preventing and / or minimizing damage by early detection, assessment and notification of potentially dangerous situations, such as:

  • Fire or other safety hazards
  • Chemical leaks
  • Leaks in pipes
  • Boilers and machinery High temperature
  • Radioactive leaks
  • Unsanitary or unsanitary conditions
  • Accidents or other threats to life