CCTV Monitoring

Event Security
August 6, 2021
Construction Security
August 6, 2021

Many organizations spend a lot of money on installing closed-circuit television systems and then make the most of them by not properly monitoring them. Internal monitoring can be very difficult and costly, so it is often overlooked at critical moments.

Our remote monitoring can provide an effective solution to significantly reduce costs, enhance protection and provide improved evidence information. For locations that do not require a face-to-face customer service experience or require only infrequent but vital monitoring, on-site security personnel can be an expensive option.

We can provide a new installation, or we can activate your current CCTV system at a very low cost to monitor your remote control very quickly from our 24-hour monitoring center. At Excel Security, we provide personalized professional monitoring services to fully protect personnel and assets.

We can centrally monitor your entire CCTV system and alert potential intruders that they are being monitored. Our security personnel can be dispatched and call the police within a few seconds. To ensure that your facility has proper security measures, we can provide remote monitoring of any of your gates, gates and barriers. We can monitor incoming people and vehicles by using closed-circuit television, two-way speakers or identity tags. There is no need for someone to be at the door or obstruction, we can perform this service remotely from our 24/7 control monitoring center. If necessary, we will respond with the crashed vehicle or notify the police to request that they respond.