Alarm Response

Key Holding Service
August 6, 2021
Mobile Patrols
August 6, 2021

To keep your business running smoothly starting today, nothing is more important than reliable security. At Excel Security, we are pleased to provide you with cost-effective key storage and alarm response solutions to reduce the pressure of organizing key custodians in your business. Our team can tailor services to your specific requirements at each of your locations and provide rapid incident reports with an unmatched level of transparency and accountability.
Excel Security key storage and alarm response services allow you to be sure that your premises are protected by professional security companies. Our fully licensed officers provide 24/7 protection against criminal damage or theft.
Excel Security Key Keeping Service will keep your keys in a secure environment that is fully compliant with BS 7984. If the alarm is triggered, our Alarm Response Officer (ARO) will respond in a fully armed emergency response vehicle, saving you from the inconvenience and potential danger of visiting the site. You can also visit vacant properties for meter reading, inspection and viewing.

When the contract was awarded, we conducted a site survey, designed a complete layout description, formulated a written agreement for the services to be provided, and posted safety warning signs throughout the site.
We provide a comprehensive response 24 hours a day to your intrusion, fire and smoke alarms in accordance with ACPO guidelines and insurance company instructions. Once your alarm monitoring station issues an alarm, our control room will dispatch a mobile emergency responder to your facility.